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Online Reservation Software for Inflatable Rental Businesses


What We Believe


At Bounce Rental Solutions we believe party rental software should be easy to use for everyone involved. This is why we have made it easy for the business owner to set up and manage operations and for the customer to place an order online.


If a lot of training and tutorial viewing are needed for you to learn how to use it, then we did something wrong. We want to put our effort into reducing complexity, not writing training manuals that no one wants to read.


If your customer is calling you because it’s easier than ordering online, then we did something wrong. We want to give your customers the convenience of ordering online while saving you time wasted on repetitive phone calls.


While keeping it simple is our goal, we also understand our software needs to handle the complexity of running a party rental business. A lot of variables need to be considered. Different ways of doing business need to be taken into account. Flexibility needs to be built-in so we are not forcing you to do things in a way you would rather not. At the same time, too much flexibility leads to a system that lacks automation.


It is a fine line, and we know how to walk it.


Bounce Rental Solutions was designed after decades of experience owning a party rental business in the Greater Philadelphia area. This unique combined experience is what we have drawn on to build what we believe is the easiest to use (yet complex enough to get the job done) party rental software on the market.


However, what we think is not what counts. It’s what you think that matters. Customer feedback has driven much of the current functionality and will continue to do so. Customer feedback is why I’m so confident in our product.


At Bounce Rental Solutions we are focused on continuous improvement. In some cases this means adding new functionality to make the software even more useful. In many cases it means simplifying and improving the functionality that already exists to make it even easier to use.


We believe that if you give Bounce Rental Solutions a shot, you will love it. But the first step is for you to try it. To make that first step easy we are offering a 30 day free trial.


Support is free and we will even help you with your setup for free if time is an issue.


We look forward to you becoming a customer!


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