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A Force Multiplier for Your Party Equipment Rental Business



A force multiplier is a tool that helps you amplify your results with the same amount of effort. Bounce Rental Solutions is the force multiplier for your party rental business. A software tool that will make your business run more efficiently with less time spent on routine, repetitive tasks like order taking, emailing, invoicing and processing payments.


It will free you up to focus on the parts of the business that really need your attention; sales, marketing and strategic planning.



Be a Business Maker, Not an Order Taker


Let’s face it, “order taking” for routine backyard events is not a high level task. You can easily spend 20 minutes or more on the phone taking an order for a simple event.


Order taking should be automated. Don’t waste time taking orders. Let those simple orders happen automatically via real-time online reservations through your website.


Your customers will do the “order taking” for you, save you 20 minutes, and then thank you for the convenience. That’s win-win.


The time savings will allow you to put your effort into pursuing the type of customers that lead to larger orders and repeat business; schools, religious organizations, townships, boroughs, summer camps, daycares, etc.


Build a Business, Not a Job


It’s been said, you want to “build a business, not a job”. That can’t be stressed enough as the owner of a party rental business. If you end up building a job, you will find it’s a job with long hours, hard work and low pay. Don’t fall into that trap.


You build a business by focusing on what is important, building systems and automating where you can. Bounce Rental Solutions is here to help you do just that.



Okay, So What Exactly is Bounce Rental Solutions?


Bounce Rental Solutions is a web-based software application designed specifically for party equipment rental businesses like yours. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for you and your customers.


Simply stated, the primary function is to allow for real-time online reservations from your website.

But it also does much more, such as automated notifications, invoicing & payment processing!


We recommend you run Bounce Rental Solutions on your domain as your primary website (example:


Or, if you prefer, you can use Bounce Rental Solutions along with your existing website by adding a “Reserve Online” or “Book Now” button that links to your secure Bounce Rental Solutions sub-domain (example:


All of this, plus free phone and email support, for just $50 per month. No contracts to sign. If you are ever dissatisfied you can cancel your account with one click. This means we have to continually prove to you that our software is the best.



Sign up now for a 30 day free trial to check it out (no credit card required)!

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We have used other bounce rental software and by far Bounce Rental Solutions is the most user friendly! I would highly recommend BRS to anyone starting an inflatable rental business or anyone looking for an easy to use online rental software.

Michelle Bitzberger Owner, Boomers Bounces
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Very user friendly. Very intuitive. It got everything that I need from orders tracking to reports. Easy integration with payment gateways. The calendar heads up view is the best one I've found!

Mark Powell Owner, Southern Bouncers, LLC

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Setting this thing up is extremely simple and intuitive. Customer service is unmatched and is willing to listen to and responsive to suggestions. Look no further, this is the one you want!

Eli Skinner Owner, Hoosier Hop