Things You Should Buy on Amazon (Part II)

Publish on: 09/05/2019
Items a bounce house rental company may buy on Amazon


Let’s get right to the point. Here are 10 more products for your inflatable rental business that you can buy on Amazon and save time and/or money.


1) Glass Cleaner - If you have popcorn machines in your rental inventory, you know how messy they get. This low ammoniated glass cleaner is the best I’ve found for cutting through the grease and leaving a pleasant aroma.


2) Glade Air Freshener - You need to keep your inflatables smelling fresh. I found spraying the netting to be most beneficial as the netting tends to hold in the stink after getting wet.


3) Furniture Polish - We use furniture polish to make our dry slides slick. As a bonus, it adds a nice lemony scent. Can also be used on the outside of the inflatable to give it a nice shine, but don’t use it on the entrance / exit steps.


4) Utility Lashing Straps with Alligator Clip - I highly recommend having your crews take at least one of these straps along with them on setups. These are great as a replacement when the clip attached to the strap on the blower tube wears out and stops gripping tight.


5) Sandbag Covers - These are very sturdy sandbag covers. The handles make them relatively easy to carry and they won’t cut into your hands. I’ve found they can actually hold 80-90 lbs of sand, even though the manafacture mentions 50 lbs.


6) Snow Cone Scoop - If you rent out snow cone machines, you know it is always nice to have a couple of extra scoops on hand for when rentals come back without them. A Gold Medal Sno Kone scoop can cost you close to $30. This one from Paragon is half the price. Ladles that you find in stores just do not work correctly for scooping snow cones. This scoop is made for exactly that.


7) Double D-Ring Straps - These straps are used to keep the inflatable wrapped tight once it is rolled up. We replaced all of our single D-ring straps with these. The double d-ring eliminates the need to tie a knot, instead you just loop it through like a belt. Was much easier to teach our staff how to do use a double d-ring than how to tie a proper knot.


8) Ironclad Work Gloves - I’ve found these Ironclad work gloves to be extremely tough and long lasting, especially considering the price. I’ve had many work gloves wearout with use, but I’m still on my first pair on Ironclad gloves.


9) 15' Garden Hose - The misting systems provided by most manufacturers are junk and easily break. We would use 15’ hoses as the misting systems on our water slides. You drill about 4 or 5 holes in the last 5 feet of the hose. This will be the end that is directly above the slide surface. Then put a hose cap on the end. Use Loctite to make sure kids don’t / can’t remove hose cap (because they will).


10) Cash Box - If you do pay-per-play events where you are selling wristbands or tickets, this is a very functional cash box. The “bill weights” keep your money in place even when there is a breeze. It includes a security cable that you can hook to your table so no one can run away with the box.



Rob Wright, Founder of Bounce Rental Solutions

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Rob Wright is Founder of Bounce Rental Solutions and former Owner of Boing! Bounce Rentals




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